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Expresiones de Tiempo

No hay reglas específicas para el uso de las expresiones de tiempo. Sin embargo, normalmente las encontramos al principio o al final de una oración.

Dentro del presente, el pasado y el futuro hay muchas expresiones de tiempo. A continuación encontrarás expresiones divididas en estas tres categorías y una lista de expresiones que podrás encontrar en cualquier tiempo verbal. 

Lista de Expresiones de Tiempo

Tiempo verbal
Expresión de Tiempo
PresenteNowadaysNowadays there’s a lot of violence in the city.
These daysThese days nobody buys CDs
LatelyLately she’s been ill a lot.
RecentlyHe’s been acting strange recently.
Last night/week/month/year
Last year I went to Greece.
AgoI was in Greece five months ago.
SinceI haven’t seen her since April.
PreviouslyBefore I passed my exam I had already tried it three times previously.
Recently I saw John recently.
JustI’ve just finished my homework.
FuturoIn a week/a moment/3 daysI have my exam in three days.
Next week/month/year/summerWe’re going to France next summer.
SoonI hope to see you soon.
PresentlyI will go there presently.
Todos los tiempos verbales
In the endIn the end I’ve decided not to buy the car.
EventuallyEventually we managed to convince him.
At the endAt the end of the party everyone was exhausted.
FinallyAfter talking to her for hours, she finally said ‘yes’.
OnceOnce the walls are painted we can hang up the curtains.
By the tim By the time we get there, the shop will be closed.
After We normally have lunch after the class.
BeforeBefore eating I wash my hands.
ForI’ve lived in Paris for five years.
On timeHe always arrives on time.
Until I won’t invest any more money until I see results.
DuringYou mustn’t talk during the film.
WheneverWhenever he needs me he calls me.
Forever I will stay with you forever.
By Friday/next week/the 7th ofI need the document by Friday.
ImmediatelyWhen he called me I went to the hospital immediately.

Ejercicios Expresiones de Tiempo

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